Friday, March 13, 2009


Oh I love the movie.

Oh I really love the movie.

Even if it is not very correctly designed in the aspect of history.

But, I love the movie.

And that's enough.

Two pics I drawn these days about the movie.

Jamie Parker starred as Lt. Werner Von Haeften, handsome boy, my favourite character in the movie.

Tom Cruise is good, of course, but not really look like a German.


One for Lt.Von Haeften

another one for Colonel Von Stauffenberg& Lt. Von Haeften

still working on others haha....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tears Yesterday.

I burst into tears.
I think that it must be a very long time since the last time I cry. I mean, I cried not because something moved me deeply but because the sudden flux of a kind of overwhelming emotion. I was almost desperate in that second or two. It all happened when I saw the word 'annoying' in Akari's text message.
I haven't thought of being an annoying person before. Never. Not once. I hate annoying people. But when I suddenly realized that I just can't help becoming one myself, I was destroyed by the shameful idea.
Ok, I won't be annoying any more.
Let it be. I will set you free. Of course I will.
It will be certainly irrational to ask you to go with me again.
I don't need to.
I've decided to struggle to get myself comfortable in the situation of loneliness.
Now I'm at home all the time, making love with my dear SAT books. I love them. I love English. I hate contact. And more, walks. My bedroom is my cave and my haven. It's my asylum. A place ready for insane people like me. Maybe I never told you that I extremely dislike the zoo. The smell, the peevish look of the manager, all messed up. Every time you seemed engaged in persuading me to date you there, I felt irrevocably upset.
Irrevocably upset.
I love the place infront of that shopping mall, well, any questions? I've set it as my gathering-point forever. I don't want to change my mind and I grudging in spending any time consider a change.
I can go to the bank alone, I don't need your accompany.
So you'll be happy now?
yeah. You certainly will.

But the diastrous consequence is that: You've Made Me Cry.
And I've made up my mind to get you pay for this.
Even if you compromised at last you still have to compensate.
Kiss me or bring me to ye bed.
Will you?
How dare you won't!!

I love you dear.

Happy Birthday R.J.Lupin~~~~~

Birthdays got crowded here in March.

Stay up again just to catch the first chance to celebrate Dear Lupin's birthday. I've prepared this pic two days before. This time I tried to do the drawing work in a different way. Seems like child doodling/// /// Quite good, a brand new style for me.

Well, Happy birthday Moony.

Wish you'll be happy with Sirius in heaven.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Ron.

Midnight again. My endurance of staying-up is really amazing. Bit frightened by myself...

This time I could not sleep because today's Ron Weasley's birthday. I cannot tell how old he is now as he 's alive only in imagination, but I know he'll be happy to be remembered on his own birthday.

And, a new painting for him. For my dear Ron.

The one who deserves the name of the Best Friend in the world.

Maybe humble and modest, but never ignored or abandoned.

Cherishing you.


Again Happy Birthday, Dear Ron.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A day.

A day past in the voice of Kalafina.
Brenda's new pics were lauded in Dollsky forum.
And I finally decided to put up Olivia head for sale. I really don't want to do it but have no other choices. The somehow weird body-line of SD16 girl's body doesn't fit my style. And I 've tried the head on a Soom supergem body. The scene was terrible. Volks heads are too big for the kind of thin shoulders of supergem body, and it looks just like a strange mix&match... ...
If everything goes on track, I'll got the head sold and enough money for Luts' sleeping Moon received. Then definitely I'll get him back. Even the name for him is readily in my mind--Kampfer, adapted from Trinity Blood. A name of an ancient alchemist in Albion. Also the last name of my beloved Isaak Fernando Von Kampfer~~
Next doll in my wishlist will be a normal type Moon. Ahahaha!!! Gemini's always full of evil attraction......
Ball joint doll collecting is a terrible hobby...
Dolls already at home:
+Brenda, Soom Beryl
+Adrian, DOT Sha
+Lancelot, DOT Tender-Lahoo
Wish list(2009.2 version)
+Luts Sleeping Moon
+Luts Moon
+Dollstown Elysia
+AI Gabriel
+Others depending on Soom's Monthly Limited Edition......
Actually, after the return of my dear Brenda, I found that I lost all the passion in other girls... Brenda is always the most beautiful one.

Brenda's World...[Soom-Beryl]

My Brenda.
Love her new makeup. Thx dear Cainkeita~~~~~

Eyes the color of Aqua, lips the color of Blood, face the color of Fullmoon, Hair the color of Dark night.
There is always a crystal castle, standing somewhere no one knows.
And the white succubus is there, sitting on her throne.
Looking at the rotten world, while lying in her room.

`This is why I'm always staying in the dark. for Severus Snape.

New painting for Professor Snape.
Please click on the pic to view the full version~~~~~thx~~~~~~

Watercolor and Pencil.

Neyyyyyy..........I really should consider to buy a new scanner= =The old one's got to retire...
I have had this scene hovering in my mind for quite a long time. Now I'm satisfied that I finally got the chance to substantiate it. The Conversation between the two 'somebody' in this pic is a little different from my first draft in mind. However, the feeling didn't change.
Still loneliness and desperation, coldness and darkness.
And that is the very way young Severus impressed me.
Be neglected and abandoned by both muggles relatives and fellow wizards, he belongs to nobody other than himself. From then on, he forgot how to devote and how to accept. Even to Lily Evans. He was locked in himself by himself. His heart is a locked garden where love grows peacefully and silently but never flourishes.
He's always keeping secrets.
He's always reticent and sullen.
He's always maintaining a heart full of love.
But he never shows.
He's always staying in the dark.